Parent participation is critical in the success of our organization.  While you may not be able to help as much as you would like, there are positive things you can to to help.  You are an important part of the team.

1. Cheer for your team!  
The girls are out there learning, growing and playing hard... and a lot is done to impress the people they care about - You!  Wins and losses are rarely remembered a week, or a day later, but excitement they feel on the field last a lifetime.

2. Keep the game in perspective.
As much as we all wish our daughter might be the next Jennie Finch, the reality is that 99.99% will not. Even progressing on to playing high school varsity or college softball is unlikely for most players. We win and lose with dignity, maintaining respect for all players, coaches, umpires and fans. All are members of our community, and like the rest of us, make mistakes from time to time. The expectation of participants in our program is to understand and support the Code or Conduct, no exceptions! 

3. Respect the coaches.
All our coaches are volunteers.  They volunteer many hours per week to make sure your daughter enjoys her summer and experience on the field.  Ask your coach "How can I help?"  

4. Respect your opponent.
We've all had games against a "bad" team, a "mean" team.  Consider your words carefully.  When cheering for your team, are you putting down player on the other team?  

5. Never argue with the umpire.
Most of our umpires have been umpiring and playing the game for a long time.  And please, especially for the Squirts level, remember that these umpires are still students.  In many cases, these young ladies are not more than a couple of years older than your player.  You would not want a parent yelling at your player.

Ways to help your coach!
Help at practice at least one week
Stay at practice - this can be important for restroom trips
Set up the treat schedule
Help with communications 
Offer to keep the scorebook
Help put equipment in the coaches bag after practice
Make sure your daughter is on time to practice, and picked up promptly
Inform your coach if you daughter is unable to make practice or a game as soon as possible.
This is very important for the upper levels, as the coach needs to exchange the roster before the game.